Dreaming about ascent

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This is a very good sign, it includes success in some important projects. You can stand on its own feet. Only exert themselves to reach the top, then you can enjoy (in the target from above;) the freedom and the happiness of victory: a dream of success! If you are dreaming, however, as an employee to have been promoted, success is sure. This dream often appears in connection with litigation. However, if you dream about the process itself, you will lose it.
The dreamer is aware that he can gain control of his passions and his sexual desires. If it succeeds, energy instead of expressing sexuality in self-consciousness, then this is manifested in dreams often ascent. Climb up a flight of stairs in a dream or in an elevator goes up, this may indicate increased awareness and awakening, the dreamer may be afraid and depressed behind and freed from material constraints.
The dreamer seeks spiritual awareness.
– with a commitment: the heart^s desire will be fulfilled; – see others rise: well-meaning friends in your area.