Dreaming about assassination

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One is delivered and feared violence. It should be against a surprise attack on the alert. The unconscious is afraid of emotional wounds.
Anyone who witnessed an assault in a dream, which is exciting before, with more symbols indicate whether it is good or bad experiences. A dreamer who is planning an assassination attempt or commit itself wants to get involved by waking life may is in a hopeless cause translucent. Who observed in a dream an assassination from a safe distance remains reliable even in threatening situations, cool; and sovereign.
– commit themselves: should beware of shame, sacrificing themselves for a hopeless cause; – see or experience: great excitement, but (have a blessing in disguise;) happily passes; – runs on a self: dangers threaten, you can not overcome all the problems; – other person can see through the blood flows is an assassin: promises misfortune; – you see blood flowing: business or personal losses.