Dreaming about association

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If the dreamer is a member in an association in his dream, possibly in a sports club, he emphasizes with the right of every people to belong to a group of his choice. Association can indicate the need for contact with like-minded people. However, perhaps he also urges to follow more his own head, not to listen to others, even if they believe apparently well in it, as well as not to adapt to every fashion.
The dreamer is not able psychologically to be a member of a group, as long as he has not attained a certain degree in maturity. If he stands in his dream in the middle of a crowd of people, this can bring his feeling for self-expression.
Well-ordered rituals, as they are common in the life of the association, can be an important part of spiritual awareness.
– In the dream you belong to one: it should not be a matter to talk purely of many others.

Meaning for seeing association in your dreams