Dreaming about aster

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to dream of these hardy blooms signifies happiness and abundance; if you were gathering them, you may soon learn the solution to a mystifying puzzle
Asters is meant as a symbol of dignity, so they are more prestige and honors promised. Asters are often withered hopes for, must bury the man. White or black frames are traditionally understood as an announcement of illnesses and deaths, are picked for a colorful late love. The flowers of autumn, the autumn of life.
This flower is often brought the dead to the grave. You have (unconsciously) fear for your health or of friends. Perhaps you have noticed signs of disturbance, without them it became clear. Be in this respect more attentive next time.
– to see withered Asters in a dream: failure of hopes; – to see: honors and prestige comes; – white aster: you will hear in the near future of a death in the immediate vicinity; – black in full bloom: a person of impending disease immediate vicinity; – see colored frames: you can count on success or joy; – red asters: love mean happiness; – blue flowers: show superior strength of mind and clear decisions; – a bright yellow: indicates a lot of intuition, which will enable a correct decision; – a blond yellow: indicates betrayal, disappointment and even intrigue and jealousy.

Meaning for seeing aster in your dreams

Hindu – in the flowering state: you can write to high honor, dignity, sovereignty, prestige, hope and soon you will have arrived at the height of your existence; – withered: all thy longing and aspiration was prevented by your carelessness; – sears: your hopes are deceived.
– to see flowering Asters: have good results; – to see withered Asters: unhappy experiences.