Dreaming about asthma

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loss of emotional security financial gain loss of emotional security financial gain
Loss of emotional security financial gain
There is no significance if you actually suffer from this ailment; for others, it is a warning against loss through carelessness or risky speculation
To dream you suffer from asthma, suggests that sleep is not an important criteria for something to dream you are ill from asthma, suggests that many enemies will impede your work
To dream that you have asthma is a signal of self doubt and mental anxiety you are troubled by disquiet and strain
To dream that you have asthma, refers to insecurity and emotional instability
Loss of emotional security.
To which part of me I will give more attention in future?

Meaning for seeing asthma in your dreams

All the dreams of physical impairment due to illness point to real problems, but someone who suffers from asthma is more likely to dream of being able to breathe freely, as of his illness. A healthy, however, the dreams of asthma may thus be reminded of real physical problems. Most here are also fears of authority behind it. Your own arguments are not accepted. Someone or something constricts the soul in the waking life of the air.
Asthma can occur in patients in a dream attack way, then there is a body-induced dream, which is based on diseases of the respiratory system or the heart that must be investigated thoroughly. Asthma often shows in dreams of healthy people, however, that it almost suffocated under the weight of its responsibilities and problems that develop can not be, perhaps to be hypersensitive (allergic and figuratively) to respond. For children, asthma attacks occur in dreams (But in real life), often by poor education with overprotection by the mother, which makes them fear and hinders their development.
– dreaming of asthma: a preferred scheme has proven to be not as profitable as you expected. Revise your plans and avoid all the speculation and risk.