Dreaming about audience

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if you dream of being in front of an audience, it means that the people around you are paying close attention to your actions. it could also symbolize your fears of having someone discover or reveal your private thoughts.
The world around you. fear of your private feelings or thoughts being discovered. being under observation or watched.
To dream of being in front of an audience suggests we have information or knowledge to pass on. to be in an audience implies we perceive ourselves to be ?part of the crowd? and likely wanting to feel more independent and/or ?special?.
An audience in a dream is often a symbol for the subject’s waking life public how that audience responds reflects your feelings about how you or whoever is in front of the audience is being perceived or judged in waking life
A surprising distinction could come your way if you faced an audience; if you were in it, you will likely have cause to rejoice over the good fortune of a valued friend
To dream you were among the audience, means you will be wasting your money and time in trials without perspective and meaning dreaming of seeing something in the audience, suggests in reality that you will be misunderstood and lonely
To dream that you are in front of an audience indicates that your thoughts and behavior are being closely scrutinized it may also represent anxieties and apprehensions that you hold about displaying your innermost emotions to others
A dream featuring an audience represents areas of our personality to be presenting to an audience implies that you are facing important issues to be in the audience suggests a change within yourself that is taking place

Meaning for seeing audience in your dreams

To dream that you are in front of an audience, represents the world around you and it is paying close attention to your actions alternatively, it suggests your fears of having your personal feelings and private thoughts discovered or revealed
Performing in front of others is a common dream because it is a way of working through self judgment and insecurity in most cases, there is embarrassment as you meet the severity of your inner critic when performing in front of others brings joy, this is a measure of your self worth and often coincides with an intense period of transformation, which has culminated in your success being unable to perform because you have lost something, suggests that you are on the wrong pathway whatever is lost will offer an important clue in understanding your authentic nature and overcoming insecurity see purses, wallets, luggage, jewels and keys
– to get an audience: improving the position and has good luck and success; – to give an audience: listen to important news, current plans are too far-reaching in order to be fulfilled.
– (an audience with a highly placed have) you will improve your position.