Dreaming about authorities

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authorities in a dream symbolize desires for order and control in your life if you call for the authorities in your dream (think: 911) and it involves your spouse or lover, your marriage may need the “emergency room ” if reporting a crime to the police in your dream, it may reflect feelings that there are unfair hiring practices or unfair advancement at work in teen dreams, a parent can symbolize moral authority and the punishment you might get if “caught” in waking life
In any case, you are helpless and at the mercy of circumstances. Whether you are right or not. Your plans can be very difficult to enforce.
In waking life, unwilling to go to an office, the dream translates this as a psychological aversion to anstemmen against injustice and domination, be Maintained for the man.
– authorities in a dream means mostly inconvenience; – you will be prosecuted or punished, it means suffering; – you will be acquitted: happiness and success.