Dreaming about authority

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an authority figure in a dream symbolizes a desire for order and control in your life if you call for the authorities in your dream (think: 911) and it involves your spouse or lover, your marriage may need the “emergency room ” if reporting a crime to the police in your dream, it may reflect feelings that there are unfair hiring practices or unfair advancement at work in teen dreams, a parent can symbolize moral authority and the punishment you might get if “caught” in waking life
A dream that you’re in a position of authority can be a release dream or a wish dream usually, you work out responsibilities from waking life in your dreams this is simply a matter of figuring things out during the nighttime, when your choices make you less vulnerable than they would in real life
People in our dreams that are considered authority, such as bosses, principals and government officials signify that part of the psyche that organizes and controls the assimilation of new ideas often we dream of these figures when we are making big changes, as if some aspect of the psyche needs to approve of a new way of thinking see police
Occasionally we encounter in our dreams of authority figures. They are usually authoritative figures that appear in dreams to teach us and lead and try to impose their will on us. The first authority figures who come into our lives, the parents, and many dream symbols stir authority also because of the deeply notched her memories of this even if they often appear as priests, judges, kings / queens or head teacher. Sometimes these figures remind us of our duties or responsibilities that we would rather forget, for example, compared to the general public. Parents are usually not as themselves in front of authority in dreams. But in the dream appears someone you know, it is usually also meant directly. But such people do not get messages from the subconscious, but they are only projections of the characters who they really are. Cardinal appears, however, a solemn or a strict dictator, then logs on to the subconscious and thus shares a personality with an aspect of what we actually already know, but maybe not want to admit. Authority figures in a dream can take many forms, from traffic police and controller cards to the captain, ambassadors, hosts and prophets. More important is the message conveyed by them, as this is significant not only for a problem, but for the entire life of the dreamer.

Meaning for seeing authority in your dreams

Sometimes the appearance of that person in a dream symbol is an anxiety since childhood. They may represent the fear of the soul to fail. In this recurring dream, one should find out the cause and look at the world of work critically. Maybe you should look for a new authority.