Dreaming about automaton

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Of Freud, he might have been interpreted sexually, because one must have put in something to make it something will come out. Probably but he warns against more spending unnecessary money and to exercise restraint in the day^s events. But it can also announce that we will achieve a very simple purpose.
Slot machines are a symbol for relaxation of tension in; you also need stress in your spare time, to feel active and alive. General machines symbolize events in the everyday routine that you can make it easier by flexible action. Who dreams of being a machine and spit out any object is to recognize the fact that his life almost solely from entrenched habits and automatic responses; is it works only on demand;, and both imagination and an intense emotional life have fallen by the wayside. Often a utopian dream, an Warns room!
– to see a functioning automaton: it all goes well; – defective: it stoppages occur, in business, in Firms, travel, etc.; – vending machine to see: a pleasant relief is imminent; – stamp dispenser: takes you to do a thing in quality only a partial success.
– (Have to do with a machine to see it, deal with it): you loved the convenience.