Dreaming about award

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an award for excellence in a dream reflects feelings of confidence about an accomplishment or special recognition in waking life, most often related to career, sports or school an award with a negative association reflects feelings of shame take note of your feelings in the dream to identify your true feelings about the waking life recognition you have or are about to receive
You’ll likely be lucky if you dreamed of receiving or giving an award of any kind prosperity is just around the corner
To dream of getting an award, signifies that you should be ashamed dreaming that you give or receive a prize, indicates that you will soon enjoy success and prosperity
To dream about receiving an award means that you crave acceptance and praise for what you do

Meaning for seeing award in your dreams

If you’ve won an award in your dream, it means you secretly desire more recognition for your achievements it also signifies that luck is on your side right now create some momentum, and ask for that job promotion you’ve been hoping for
In one sense Freud^s dream of an award, if you long for this. An award in a dream often has the function, you build a dreamer and boost your self-confidence.
– to have an award in a dream: secure future lies ahead; – distinguish yourself: should mean that you do not fancy enough, beware of flatterers and dampen spirits; – be received or will receive a different award: they will prove themselves worthy, but few recognize your abilities.