Dreaming about axis

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dreaming of the axis, suggests that you will try to subordinate everything to your own interests
Axle of a car shows continues success and overcoming obstacles, if it runs like well lubricated. The axle creaks but breaks shows that a stoppage or failure can make a good deal.
A rapidly rotating axis indicates the fleet life of the dreamer (whether here would criticize the unconscious, should shed light on other symbols). Often constitute the axis of a perpetuum mobile: in waking life everything will revolve around the dreamer.
– of a car: change or travel; – (of a car) see that: you^re standing in front of a good company. – Broken axle: the purpose of the trip is not true, or a business breaks down again; – Creaking: stagnant business; – Quiet running: good progress so far strongly inhibited in a matter.