Dreaming about baby babies

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Child-like self; Rebirth or revival; Trust and reliance.
What new is born inside me? Or was it just a rebirth? What is it that I trust? Am I confident enough?
– Safety and protection: In all cases (girl or boy) dreaming of baby is the symbol of the unconscious longing for security. There is nothing new as we always are pursuing any kind of guarantees, so this part of our waking life comes in dreams with face of birth. – Work and success: To carry a baby (male or female) in dream symbolizes work (or many of them) and not easy one, but hard. Don^t worry now, just keep reading. Dreaming that you are carrying a baby (or someone else, it^s doesn^t change anything) indicates current tough times and shows a little of future, where you will need to carry your burden for a while and only after many troubles with much efforts (hard work) you will be able to reach your ambitious goals, but only after much efforts. So make sure you have all your strengths and don^t let your success go away. Do it and throw away all worries, because at the end you^ll be the winner and you^ll be awarded. – Harder and better: Breastfeed (syn. suckle, nurse) to feed a baby with milk from the breast or to see in dream this process (someone else is feeding a baby), symbolizes same as carriage of baby (look up into part ;Work and success;) exept one thing you must be more responsible and perform your duty even harder and yet then, when you think it is unbearable or impossible to do or to finish. Just don^t quit, but finish what you have started and be a winner. Try a little harder to be a little better.; as Gordon B. Hinckley once said. – Old and new: Beautiful babies friendship might end (big chances), renew or to start (rare scenario). But this dream^s condition is tricky one. There is ONLY a small possibility that you will encounter some changes related with your friends. But be aware that dreaming of handsome, lovely or pretty babies (must be more than one), announces potential loss in social life the end in friendship or sometimes renewal of it, but keep in mind, that it shows also an oppurtunity to start a new one. Maybe you are in exactly this situation right now? Have you lost your friend/s or state of trust and support? Perhaps dream is a image of current changes of faith. Please, share your experience in comments. – Unexpected irregular changes: To dream ugly (nasty, unsightly, unpleasant) babies points to minor irregularities in your own personality. If you see baby (babies) which is causing discomfort, unhappiness, then you should look deeper inside yourself and try to track down what has changed or happening right now with your own character. Maybe there is some anomalies and need to be fixed or re-evaluated and accepted as it is. – Capacity of recall: Dreaming of dead baby or babies can sometimes suggest a bad memory (short and long term) . Maybe you are experiencing decrease in ability to remember? If you have problem with keeping things in mind, then you should concentrate and focus your attention more. Furthermore, think all over and see what have you forgot. Is there anything? Dreaming of defunct, deceased or lifeless symbols may show temporary problems not only with ability to use short term memory, but also to remember places, things, or persons. Perhaps you want to unlearn some part of your past? Is there a reason for that? Then this might be a cause why you have dreaming about babies which are lacking of vitality.
On psychological level the baby can be expressed in a dream as a real desire to have children. In most cases possibility of this relation, when our direct conscious needs populate realm of subliminal world, is very big. Ask yourself, does this dream have connection with a pregnancy or birth you always wanted. Or maybe you^re expecting the baby already? If vision of dream isn^t exact mirror of  conscious desires or current pregnancy, then it symbolizes the childishness and immaturity of the dreamer. This means that certain traits of the dreaming person is not evolved or only insufficiently developed, but in this symbolism of dream is also telling that there is a want for completeness. Since this condition is already showing up in dream, means that this was long enough cherished and maintained, so next step in this scenario will be reaching goals and filling the gap. The baby in a dream may also represent the beginning of something fresh and completely new.

Meaning for seeing baby babies in your dreams

European (Christian / Jewish) Below is explained the Christianity understanding, which is based on Biblical expressions and given conditions. Not all possible meanings are collected and updated. Dream dictionary is reviewed and updated on irregular basis, when something new is founded or re-explained. You must be advised that these given meanings is not a life direction for anyone, and must be adapted, interpreted by reader in manner how it fits best in personal situation. – To see generally (without specific condition): the end everything comes to end and starts all over again; misery and grief, misfortune and sorrow might come into life for some time, but it is just a temporary state, after which will be new beginning; – To see particularly very beautiful, nice and clean baby: promises new period in love, relationship, friendship affairs; If anything must end, then something better must begin; – To dream sleeping baby/s: symbolizes great development of the future; tomorrow will be even better than today; you are in right direction; there isn^t any need to change something because prospect of success or happiness in the future is developing well; – Feed: there are some troubles before and you reap the recognition of the environment; – In general to hear shouting, screaming or crying baby: ill health and disappointments might lie ahead; – To hear screaming (shouting) baby, which cry because he  is ill, sick or diseased: indicates slowdown of professional activity or business;  decline of transactions; – Dreaming of dead baby (or to see may of them without signs of life / no longer alive): someone will soon hear of a death; – To bring one to the world (dreaming of birth / childbirth; to give a birth): announces something fresh, like a new direction in life or unique idea is born in the dreamer; – To see in dream, that some woman is feeding one at her breast: either she greatly desires her own child, or she would like to help others, serve and care for them; – If you are holding and breastfeeding your own baby: you will be deceived by those for whom you trusted the most. – take your fever-ridden baby on her arm: psychological torture are imminent.
Baby^s symbolism in dreams is explained for Muslims and based on Islamic meanings, which is given by Islam prophet Ibn Sirin^s prophecies and interpretations. – To dream a newborn baby boy: indicates (current or just coming) sorrow, sadness, grief and trouble along with difficulty and distress for the person to whom this male infant in dream is born. – Dreaming about baby girl: it is opposite dream than a newborn boy and symbolizes great pleasure, joy, happiness along with big fortune and luck for the person who have this dream and sees baby girl.