Dreaming about backbone

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you may look forward with certainty to a contented old age if you dream of seeing someone else*s backbone. if you get a glimpse of your own in a mirror, it is a sign that you will make an advance in your worldly estate through your own efforts.
Backwards if the dreamer observes themself travelling in a backwards direction, this can suggest they are withdrawing or moving away from a situation or even not learning quickly enough from it. it may also in other instances signify a need to recognise that ?progressing? on the path we are will actually impede development. additional dream interpretation… a further interpretation with regard to such dream content is the metaphor that to look back at the past can be to our detriment (e.g. such as lot?s wife in the bible).
To dream of a hooked backbone, indicates you should not deal with your work to dream of a broken backbone, suggests you will loose money, a property, friend or lover