Dreaming about bad

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instances where the dreamer perceives something to be bad is an indication that the object (in the dream) is now deemed of little value. on another note, the sense of feeling bad can imply we are off balance in some way.
Dreaming that you feeling really bad represents that you feel somewhat guilty of a move you made   you may feel that your not needed in life   if you so happen to be acting bad in your dreams, symbolize your need to lighten up in life   if your committing a crime or inflicting pain on others, represents a fear of going past your boundaries
Dreaming something is bad, means you will get praise to dream that someone is bad, means you admit the merits of a friend
To dream of badness is indicating that you need to address stress levels try a new activity as a way of keeping yourself calm and aware in life if you see badness in a dream, you may be suffering from a high level of anxiety in your life without being conscious of it look into bringing those levels down before they get out of control if the badness in your dream is in direct relation to an obvious life circumstance then examine your waking life to find the solution and release the stress around it

Meaning for seeing bad in your dreams

A dream where you feel bad implies that you need to focus more on the positive aspects of yourself