Dreaming about bad breath

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to dream that you have bad breath, suggests that you are misleading others
Dreaming of bad breath indicates a fear of intimacy or getting any closer to a particular person or situation to dream that you are the one with bad breath indicates that you are holding back out of fear dreaming that someone else has the bad breath suggests that another may be withholding from you also out of fear in your waking life, look for irrational fear surrounding a situation and resolve it or understand that this is not for you at this time and let it go on a more physical level, a dream that includes breathing of any kind is also a reminder to breathe with more consciousness regardless, and begin to uplift your general existence
To dream of having bad breath can symbolize communication issues that you are not comfortable with you may be expressing yourself in a way that has made you feel is not clean, pure or truthful if another character has bad breath you may not be giving consideration to feelings of resentment explore what part of you this character may be representing and whether or not this part of you is achieving expression see people, kiss and mouth