Dreaming about badge

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wearing a badge in a dream foretells social advancement.
To dream of a badge is indicative that we feel part of a designated group or want to be in one. it can also mean we have been preferred and elected for specific gratitude or credit because we have stand out qualities in some areas.
The badge indicates your destiny you can not run away from your destiny the badge show that something is already made you can not avoid it it’s like a test that you need to take and you know you are going to fail or pass in old arabic written book it is called “maktub” or “maktoob” you know there is something you can not change anymore and you have to deal with it and live with it
To see or have a badge in your dream represents your status and position you regard yourself highly
Whatever kind of security concerns you most career, social, financial will be yours if you dreamed of yourself or anyone else wearing a badge
To dream you got a badge, indicates to be sure you have calm days to dream that another wears the badge, means improvement in your financial condition
To dream about seeing or showing a badge means that you are proud of your achievements and have high self esteem
A dream involving a badge suggests that you are seeking acceptance in some way it could be that you are seeking self recognition in a working environment or some other position generally it implies that you are not feeling part of a team or a group

Meaning for seeing badge in your dreams

A badge is worn to signify the part you play and can be symbolic of your sense of identity, similar to a name badge anytime your name becomes the focus of a dream you are taking steps to express your authenticity unlike the hat that crowns your ideas, the badge covers your chest and can sometimes signify trading authenticity to play a part the type of badge and what it signifies should be considered to understand how the dream is helping you further define who you are see also name
A badge or sticker in a dream may be an indication of group membership or the desire for group affiliation. Others can do it for pride, but also stand for stigmatized;.
The dreamer has been chosen because of certain knowledge perhaps because it has the expected characteristics. A badge can be seen as a talisman.
A badge is considered a sign of power. If it appears in a dream, then it shows the need for the dreamer.