Dreaming about badger

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it is a sign of good luck to dream of a badger, especially so if you have encountered hardships.
A badger represents the elimination system for two reasons the first is the black and white color combination which indicates the colon the second is that the badger is a carnivore that digs into earth to find prey as a result a badger can indicate a health warning with the colon try to eliminate or cut down on food items referenced in the same dream
To dream of a badger, is a sign of luck after battles with hardships
To see a badger in your dream could have two meanings first, this dream may symbolize your persistence and final victory over your opponents second, it can also mean you are “badgering” and aggravating others
A favorable omen indicating prosperity through your own efforts
To dream of a badger, is a sign of luck after battles with hardships
Dreaming that you see a badger, indicates that you are headed for slow but steady progress in the workplace and in your personal relationships
A dream about a badger symbolizes perseverance and triumph over adversaries it also could be a pun about ‘badgering’ or irritating people
A badger is a fierce little animal and to see this fellow in a dream will show that you have put up quite a fight and won out over your opponents an injured badger tells you to fight another day
A dream with a badger suggests that good things are around the corner for you after a time of trouble

Meaning for seeing badger in your dreams

To see a badger in your dream, signifies your persistence and final victory over your opponents the dream may also be a pun on badgering and aggravating others
Badger lives and digs painfully blind under the ground, some dream books understand him as an indication of an existence that is full of sweat and struggle, but low in success and happiness because they offered an opportunity not be seen, depending on individual circumstances, this interpretation be true and to encourage them to open their eyes to the many possibilities of life. Perhaps the animal also symbolizes the tedious search for suppressed content for which you are still blind.
– badger in a dream means health, welfare and happiness, also: the happy ending long privations.
– badger in a dream means that you should not listen to the talk of the envious.
– see or be chased by badger: you beware of a dangerous man, to be outwitted; – catch: change your flat.