Dreaming about baggage

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bait to dream of bait suggests the dreamer feels the only way they can make their mark in the world is by baiting their way to success. if the bait relates to another person in the dream, the dreamer should beware.
Opinions attitudes material goods and responsibilities opinions attitudes material goods and responsibilities
Opinions attitudes material goods and responsibilities
Luggage seen in a dream forecasts a long trip or voyage, probably abroad if you lost it or were unable to locate it, an unexpected inheritance could be coming to you or someone close to you baggage being roughly handled or dropped is a warning against incurring debts having your luggage carried for you suggests happy changes ahead

Meaning for seeing baggage in your dreams

Having your baggage stolen or lost in your dream, then they?ll take what you took up or you will leave it by yourself if you dream that your baggage is left somewhere, you are cutting out unnecessary obligations and excitement if you got baggage, you will succeed with hard work if you unpack or pack luggage in your dream, you must be persistent and patient in the workplace
A dream about seeing or carrying baggage symbolizes burdens that are oppressing you the baggage might also represent your inner self
A dream involving baggage implies that you are feeling overwhelmed in some way, especially if the baggage is difficult to carry in the dream  it could indicate that you are currently under pressure or stress