Dreaming about bagpipe

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to dream of seeing or hearing a bagpipe, suggests the bagpiper will have cause for celebrations, such as gatherings of friends if the melody played by the bagpiper is sad, it indicates the bagpiper is poor or in rags
To dream about pleasant music being played by a bagpipe means good tidings and satisfaction if the music isn’t pleasant, it means that bad times are on the horizon
A musical instrument such as a bagpipe seen in your dream is a sign of good fortune if the music is pleasing to the ear if the player resembles a tramp and the sound is ugly and grating then will misfortune head your way
A dream featuring a bagpipe symbolizes your emotions you may be overcoming an unpleasant experience in your life or you will overcome your stresses in the very near future

Meaning for seeing bagpipe in your dreams

To hear pleasing music from a bagpipe, signifies good fortune and contentment to hear unpleasing music from a bagpipe, signifies that misfortune will head your way