Dreaming about bagpipes

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to dream of hearing pleasant music from a bagpipe, signifies good fortune and contentment but if you dream of hearing unpleasant music from a bagpipe, this is a warning that misfortune will head your way
It is usually played by a man in a kilt, so he is a symbol of androgyny and possibly indicating an (unacknowledged) homosexual inclination.
– see bagpipes playing in a dream : you see right if one goes at the next opportunity in crowds, also bodes well, except the sound is loud and the players ragged; – play yourself: promises that you will be ridiculed. – listen: unexpected joyful news.

Meaning for seeing bagpipes in your dreams

– hear: amusement without metes and bounds; – played by others announced unexpectedly on good news; – play: longing for companionship and recognition.