Dreaming about bait

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whether worms, minnows, or any other form of animal life intended for bait, the omen of such a dream is that you will be distressed at the critical illness of a dear friend.
A temptation to drift along with an unwise alliance should be strongly resisted if you dreamed of baiting someone or of being baited
To dream of live bait, indicates that you may be risking too much to dream that you see bait, indicates that you will strive to outwit enemies
To dream about bait indicates that you might be seeking out praise or looking for a good buy it could also symbolize a need to tempt a person

Meaning for seeing bait in your dreams

A dream featuring bait could suggest that you are trying to entice something or someone in some area of your life
To see bait in your dream, denotes that you may be fishing for a deal or a compliment it may also indicate your desire to lure or entice someone