Dreaming about bakery

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prosperity and success profits in business ventures prosperity and success profits in business ventures
Prosperity and success profits in business ventures
To dream that you bake bread, signifies that your house will be full and happy to dream that you throw bread, suggests your headed to poverty and misfortune will befall you dreaming that you give bread that you have baked, predicts that you will do good to dream that another eats bread, signifies that you will meet your goals dreaming of a bakery or baker, indicates that your work will be controversial and prolific to dream of brown bread, predicts indigent joy, a job loss and a change in your income
To dream about a bakery is a sign of affluence and achievement, as well as very prosperous days to come
Dreaming of a modern day bakery with all the good smells and smiling people denotes much richness and success for you to dream you are making the bread shows you will be making more money in your endeavors
To see a bakery in your dream, signifies richness and success your future will be an enjoyable, pleasant and filled with satisfaction

Meaning for seeing bakery in your dreams

Dreaming of desserts can be a way of exploring ‘just desserts’ or the rewards you are seeking in life food symbolizes your need for fulfillment and desserts can represent sexual feelings or how you seek comfort something taking place in a bakery can represent new ideas that are ‘rising’ or ‘baking ‘ if the dream focuses on whipped cream the association has a more sexual meaning since the type of food items prepared in a bakery are not considered healthy or nourishing, you may be exploring escapism tendencies that are not necessarily helping you to become more independent
– to see: you should beware of a career change, since one could easily fall for evil.
– to see: a good income prospect.