Dreaming about balance

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loss of balance in a dream reflects loss of emotional balance in waking life are you “pulled” between two strong relationships? has a new romance or unexpected career change “swept the ground from under your feet?” dreamers often lose balance when they are elevated in dreams (pursuing lofty goals) fears of falling reflect emotional instability and concerns about the future related dreams unbalanced
To dream of trying to keep a balance, suggests that hesitation and an indecision will play a bad joke on you, or that you will fail
To dream of balancing means you are in need of centering around a situation look at your waking life for indications that you are out of balance on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane look into ways of bringing grace and ease into your life especially around the situation indicated within your dream
A dream where you are trying to balance implies that you are searching for more stability in some part of your life

Meaning for seeing balance in your dreams

It is the struggle for balance, but also for justice.