Dreaming about baldachin

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The baldachin symbolizes the desire for safety, security or benefits. In ancient times, a baldachin was used to protect people in high positions, so as kings or priests, from the sun and the weather. On a deeper level, the dreamer is still claimed this privilege. – The dreamer of the dream in under a baldachin does know about his potential for great achievements. Baldachin promises more prestige and honors, even if it sits underneath. – Plotting it may involve a warning, because you might get exploited by others and helps them to respect and success (this can especially be true in the professional area).
The head is the seat of the mind and it is protected through the baldachin. The baldachin can be cut off from access to the dreamer higher ideals and goals.
The baldachin may be associated with a special symbol for spiritual protection.
– Concerns can not scare easily, but are invisible helpers provide assistance so that the domestic happiness remains protected.

Meaning for seeing baldachin in your dreams

Hindu – reputation and imminent.
– see: hope; – under a stand: honours of all kinds.