Dreaming about ballerina

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balloon balloons are indicative of fun; the colour of the balloon is important too. if the balloon pops, the dreamer must be cautious that they might be taking part in irresponsible fun that may well soon end with a bang.
If you were the dancer in the dream, happy times lie ahead and all of your present enterprises will succeed if you were watching one or more people dancing the ballet, an increased social life and lots of new friends are just around the corner all in all, a very positive symbol
To dream of a ballerina, suggests you are an optimistic person if a ballerina dancing in your dream, suggest you provoke fraud if you dream of watching ballet, you will have trouble in your work to dream you dance ballet, suggests that your marriage will be unusual
Are you the ballerina in your dream? if so, you are indicating a very graceful heart and the ability to find self discipline in order to conquer a situation in your life you are anticipating with reticence dreaming of watching a ballerina indicates that you are seeing a graceful aspect of yourself that you are as yet unaware you possess your life is going according to plan so relax and make changes gently as you see fit dreaming that you are unable to stop dancing indicates that you may work too hard and expect too much of yourself at times

Meaning for seeing ballerina in your dreams

To dream that you are a ballerina, suggests that you are moving through the obstacles of your life effortlessly you feel unrestricted it is also a symbol of innocence, frailty, and vulnerability alternatively, you may feel unable to attain and measure up to society’s ideals of beauty