Dreaming about ballon

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Balloon may have a similar meaning as a ball. – If it floats with no connection to the ground in the air, is perhaps still shaken by the wind, which often warns against too arrogant plans, where you lose the ground under the feet of the reality and must therefore experience problems. – The balloon slips quietly through a beautiful landscape, one gains a better understanding of this in the near future, which is likely to run low. – A bursting balloon, pent-up anger, symbolize the will to discharge an explosive or burst the bubble a hope that is not fulfilled.
A dream that tells that you are in a (perceived as restrictive or rigid) phase of life is profound and has only one thing in mind: let^s get out! As a weightless balloon take off and fly and all incriminating unattainable. The captive balloon and depicts our take-off and suggests adventure. He also gives us an overview of our situation. As we rise into the air and are moved by the wind, this dream symbol, our intellectual side is addressed. Often it is the dream of a trial balloon. Also: The translation of the fugitives in our lives, the image of hunting for happiness, where you do not know if the wind is very favorable.
– to see ballon: you experience a great disappointment, they will produce good ideas or even make an invention; – fly in a balloon: one moves away from achievable goals and the ground lost under his feet; – see a burst of gas-filled: someone will be justifiably angry at one.
– get to see: you^re missing a profit; – see falling: your plans are fail.