Dreaming about bamboo

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to see a growing clump of bamboo in a dream is to be assured of many delightful hours in the company of a well-loved poet.
To dream of bamboo is indicative that the dreamer, like the plant, is resilient under pressure.
Bamboo, being wooden and a long tube, indicates your colon it can also indicate you are a channel as it is a tube that is open at both ends
To see bamboo in your dream symbolizes your trustworthiness and strength you easily bounce back from disappointments in your life this dream may also refer to strong family and friendship ties
If you dream of bamboo, you will appreciate the qualities of a friend if you are cutting it, you may suddenly lose wealth
Seeing bamboo in a dream signifies dependability, backbone and endurance you are resilient the bamboo also might signify solid relationships and honest transactions
To see bamboo in your dream, symbolizes trustworthiness, strength and resilience you easily bounce back from setbacks and disappointments in your life alternatively, it refers to strong ties/bonds and fair dealings
Versatility, shooting high end growth, strength, flexibility.

Meaning for seeing bamboo in your dreams

Where in my life I^m ready to thrive? What are the boundaries I have crossed?
The flexibility of the bamboo refers to the flexibility, but also to perennial power. Bamboo is one of the most graceful and yet most robust plants and, therefore, depicts the characteristics of the dreamer.
Bamboo is good for education, longevity and a fulfilling old age. He symbolizes the powerful giving in situations where the pressure of such demands smart response.
The perfect, but flexible man is symbolized by bamboo. If the dreamer recognizes the two properties in this plant, he can deal with fractures in his character makes sense.