Dreaming about bandage

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to dream of having a bandage applied suggests we are healing from some form of emotional injury. to apply a bandage to another person is indicative of our acknowledgement that we have hurt them. if a bandage is being removed from the dreamer it infers we are no longer suffering.
Protection desire for healing good times are coming protection desire for healing good times are coming
Protection desire for healing good times are coming
A dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might think good new influences are moving in around you

Meaning for seeing bandage in your dreams

If you are dreaming of a bandage, suggests an expected early entry in a health facility
Almost like in real life you need more support; or assistance from outside, hoping for support, encouragement in a project, etc. enter if the bandages are comfortable, stable feel. Too tightly wound associations that are painful (ossify), are taking too literally: you feel hemmed in by excessive devotion or unsolicited help.
– create or contribute yourself: loss of freedom; – the one to be created: great embarrassment will be felt.