Dreaming about bandit

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if you were the victim in the dream, your digestion was at fault; if you observed others being robbed, you are probably contemplating a line of action which you suspect will embarrass you and your suspicions are correct, so don’t do it!
Dreaming of being confronted by a bandit or pack of bandits suggests a weakness in your spirit that needs to be addressed; possibly an aspect of your own personality requires facing up to, as you may have been sabotaging yourself without realizing it
Since all characters in a dream are portraying you or the condition of your ‘inner landscape,’ meeting a thief in a dream setting can be a message about self sabotaging behavior some part of you may be undernourished or ‘down and out’ and is challenging you to acknowledge the deeper needs associated with what this character is stealing for example, being held up at gunpoint can be a message that two parts of your current identity may be at odds just as the dream threatens the valuable things that you protect, this type of dream can be a call to explore your priorities see also trickster and burglar
Ugly form of power. Abuse of power.
Where in my life I^m willing to find acting with integrity? To what extent is threatening to force me?
Bandit is often a symbol of an immature, unbridled sexuality, so it is more common in male dreams of young people who can deal with their awakening sexuality is not to be confused by this. Perhaps that might be involved also sexual desires that you are looking to even hide from yourself, because they appear abnormal; and in reality never be approved. Often linked to anxiety in the dream. Occasionally, may indicate the bandit also to imminent financial benefits, especially if you robbed from him.

Meaning for seeing bandit in your dreams

– see: you^re in danger, you are involved in an affair which brings no advantage; – be attacked by bandits: you will experience a great fright; – being attacked and robbed by: the financial position shows a tendency to a fundamental improvement.
Hindu – a great inconvenience to you serves as a warning.
– see: they will deceive you; – to be attacked by him: you wicked people will slander.