Dreaming about banker

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if you are dreaming of talking to a banker, it then indicates to be careful not to gamble if you are a banker in your dream, means you will need to meet you man
To dream of being a banker means that you may soon be asked a question in regards to another’s financial endeavor they will be listening to your advice seriously so be humble and certain before you answer to dream that you are handing your money over to a banker suggests that you have a high level of trust in somebody at the moment and that they will likely do the right thing by you but sometimes a written contract may be necessary to ensure security
Money and financial reserves are things that most people have trouble. Normally, the need for an authority to help the dreamer to deal with any problems, symbolized by bankers and financiers. Ancient dream books and see in it a warning against too much candor and blind trust, although certainly also play a role stereotypes.
Have the inner resources of the dreamer him in any way be accessible, which enables him to tapping this important energy sources. The banker plays the role of the controlling part of the dreamer.
In the dream you can be a banker, the reference to the right of the dreamer, to take responsibility for his spiritual acquis.
– be employed by a bank: symbolizes an improvement of the situation; – see themselves as such: you beware of speculation, they will not be financially beneficial; – speak with one: you will suffer a loss.

Meaning for seeing banker in your dreams

Hindu – not everyone should complain to his misfortune.
– (Have to do with bankers): beware before speculation.