Dreaming about bankruptcy

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to dream that someone goes bankrupt, indicates that you should not need to be cautious and be careful
You may have a dream about being bankrupt even if you have no financial problems though the dream could be literal, more often it has to do with feeling that you’ve missed an opportunity that was foolish to pass up
Bankruptcy in a dream indicates that you can find a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation and they will cope successfully with one often radically breaks with the past.
A symbol of fear of loss and it certainly does not have to go to physical problems. You are cautioned that if you do so on will lose everything. If this dream symbol occurs, then it^s not too late for a change, that is, the personal or economic bankruptcy can be averted. Who makes the dream broke fears, often an emotional loss, or is afraid of the opinions of others: you do not want to lose his reputation; or studied in an unhappy relationship for the saving idea that everything could change again positive.

Meaning for seeing bankruptcy in your dreams

– have: shame, loss, death, partial collapse of the business, you should refrain from speculation rather. – make themselves: out of a difficult situation you suddenly find a feasible solution.
– experience: your matters are dealt with in part; – make: will you help your friends (symbolic contrast!).