Dreaming about barking

A dogI bark may be joyous, warning or menacing; and the significance of this dream follows these qualities closely. When the barking has a menace to it you are in grave danger.
Like thunder, it wont hurt, but if not heeded, it could get worse; see'sdog".
Take the advice of friends not to take business risks beneficial event to come take the advice of friends not to take business risks beneficial event to come.
To hear barking in your dream implies that you have a tendency of barking orders at people instead of asking or talking kindly. It may also indicate that you are annoying others, or acting overly grumpy. If you see a happily barking dog in your dream, this symbolizes pleasures and much social activity. If the dog is barking ferociously, then it represents your habit of unnecessary complaining about people and the situations around you. It could also mean unfriendly companions.
Take the advice of friends. Not to take business risks. Beneficial event to come.
The explanation of this dream depends on the nature of the sound. If it was angry or menacing, then the message is to beware of losses through so-called friends. If the sound was happy and welcoming, you may enjoy a beneficial happening soon.
Dreaming about hearing dogs barking, denotes you wait for some kind of evil.

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