Dreaming about barrack

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to dream of barrack quarters, suggests you will have a difficult week with financial problems, trouble at work and you will quarrel without success to dream of a man in barrack quarters, means you have difficulties and should change your work related career plans to dream of sending someone to the barracks, means you will be laden with worry and someone or something to dream you come out of the barracks, suggests you will have temporarily difficulties to dream of woman coming out of a barrack, means you will have unusual trouble or you will find yourself in a strange situation
The barrack illustrates Notbau as a temporary situation, a temporary solution without security and stability. She urged more stamina and durability.
– barrack in a dream means anxiety, anger.
Hindu – controversy in the house and turn away business in the short time the people.

Meaning for seeing barrack in your dreams

– see: illness; – staying in it: invalidism.