Dreaming about barrette

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to dream that you are putting your hair up in a barrette, suggests that you are evaluating a new idea, outlook or way of thinking you may be changing the way you approach your self image and appearance
To dream that you have a pin in your hair, indicates that you would be pleasantly surprised and happy with the gift dreaming that you loose the pin, predicts that you are to lose your chance to dream that you see a hairpin, predicts that you will have a good friend
To dream of a barrette implies a self containment that is quite attractive to others dreaming that you are holding a barrette suggests that you are about to behave in a controlled fashion that will bring a satisfactory result to dream that you are watching a woman walk toward you with an elaborate barrette holding up her hair you may find that you will be enamored by a wise and graceful woman’s words in the near future