Dreaming about barricade

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– You can view that one must expect in the near future probably with difficulties in life, then it also depends on whether you are still in a dream before the barrier, indicating an insurmountable obstacle, or – it gives out of the way or exceeds what promises to overcome the difficulties. – Has a protective barrier function, one has to wonder what one wants to protect themselves or why they holed up for life and for other people.
A symbol of strength and barrier. It addresses every place where you can not overcome their own inhibitions. It is not up to a challenge and should consider whether one accepts the limitations and reverse; should. Only when she skips or smart deal, in waking life can be problematic certain complexes (eg social contacts) to be overcome: courage and tolerance would be appreciated!
– to see barricade: the unexpected difficulties in adjusting personally homemade kind can be overcome if you discard his inhibitions; – cross: in any case is to achieve a good result; – very high, which is not to exceed: in a matter you are much too optimistic or has overestimated himself, one should revise a plan again.
Hindu – your weakness is your obstacle.

Meaning for seeing barricade in your dreams

– major obstacles stand in your way.