Dreaming about barrier

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a barrier that acts like a fence means you suppress your feelings this is used to mark your personal space in dreams this is a symbol of sharing and indicates suppression of feelings you do not share your feelings with others and more importantly you do not acknowledge your feelings yourself feelings come from your heart and persistent suppression can lead to health problems in this area also look for symbols to do with your head such as roofs or being up a height as these dreams are often asking you to move your centre of consciousness down from your head and into your heart
Anything closed, such as a window, door, gate, fence, or wall, constitutes an obstacle dream, and its significance is in accord with how you dealt with it
To dream that you build a barrier, means you will have complete victory to dream you see a barrier or overcome a barrier, indicates that you will have serious concerns
To dream about a barrier symbolizes a hurdle in the way of your maturity you might have trouble making your feelings known the barrier could also be a symbol of not wanting something different to happen
A dream where there is a barrier suggests there is some kind of a barrier that you need to get through in some aspect of your life, or that you have a stubborn character
To see a barrier in your dream, represents an obstacle to emotional growth you may feel hindered in fully expressing yourself the dream may also indicate your resistance to change

Meaning for seeing barrier in your dreams

If a dream of a barrier consisting of iron rods around, then the dreamer must deal with how strong or aggressive he is to other people and themselves against this behavior and whether the situation is appropriate.
One is on foot or by car on the road and suddenly stand before a barrier. Neither a detour or diversion is to be seen it is only one way: the way back. This dream symbolizes a hopeless; situation. An invitation to the limits of the possible (even as one^s own strength) to recognize, to respect a taboo to accept a necessary limitation. Standing in front of a barrier, especially for men may be related to the inability to find sexual fulfillment.
An iron fence can be a symbol of spiritual power and force in everyday life.
– An iron barrier: a symbol of spiritual power and force in everyday life.