Dreaming about bartender

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to dream you are a bartender, means you will seek to romp unfair advantages to dream of a female bartender, suggests you wold be away on a flight
Dreaming of a bartender suggests that you may find yourself in a confusing situation due to relying too heavily on another’s unfounded opinion there is a message here to beware of people who ‘sure talk’ and seem as though they know more than they actually do
When a bartender appears as a character in your dream, examine the situation that unfolds to see if you are ‘escaping’ or not taking responsibility for something related to the dream since everyone in a dream is personifying aspects of you, the bartender can represent the side of you that enables a type of dysfunctional escapism food and drinking in a dream symbolize fulfillment and if you are drinking alcoholic beverages, you are sedating your awareness see also alcohol
Beware of loss of confidence! It is a played fooled us participate.

Meaning for seeing bartender in your dreams

– bartender in a dream is sign of trouble, probably due to negligence.