Dreaming about bass

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to dream you or someone plays the bass, means you will have a successful sexual relationship to dream of a bass, means expect a pleasant acquaintance with a woman
To dream of a bass fish is a call to patience biding your time and facing up to something with renewed clarity is appropriate at this time to dream that you are swimming with bass indicates that you are being quite clear and patient at this time so not to get frustrated and simply keep on with the current approach
– (Instrument): you will need to connect to subordinate themselves and to maintain its status; – hear sing: fun in prospect; – have yourself a bass voice: discover a discrepancy in the business, which was caused by the fraud of an employee; – lovers can expect to alienation and strife.
– (bass, that bass, the musical instrument) to hear: a pleasant experience; – play (bass, that bass, the musical instrument): you make a fool of yourself; – hear singing: grief over loss; – sing you love fiery drinks.