Dreaming about bastard

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a peculiar example of contrary meaning if you dreamed of being one, you can likely expect some unusual honor to come your way if you dream of someone else being one, you can look forward to an improvement in your social standing
Dreaming that you are a bastard in the true sense of the word suggests a feeling of loss or disownment in relation to your family in particular your parents possibly you have allowed yourself to detach from your parents and now are finding a need to reconnect making the first move is recommended to reignite a sense of family forgiveness may also need to be considered so as to enable you to create a new relationship with your family or parents
The bastard stands for that aspect of the soul of the dreamer who does not feel bound by social norms and rules. The dreamer is between the two the world of social rules and anarchy. How does the bastard? If he plays an active role in the dream, the dreamer is then no longer willing to conform unconditionally. If he is passive, then the dreamer feels good hands in his normal life.
– bastard in a dream means that you will need to assist and help.