Dreaming about bathing suit

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if you dream of shopping for bathing suits, you may be worrying about being judged by others if all the suits feel tight or ill fitting, you need to protect your reputation by cooling down your activities with boys if you try on lots of great suits, success is ahead for you if you dream of wearing a bikini, you want to fall in love also think about the color of the swimsuit(s) to get more meaning out of your dream
If you are wearing a bathing suit in your dream, an unhappy love awaits if you buy a bathing suit, you will show surprisingly strong hypocrisy, perhaps quite unusual for you your dream suggests that it will be useful to look your inner self
Clothing in a dream can signify the persona or the mask you wear as your identity undergoes transformation when the dream focuses on a bathing suit, it can symbolize your willingness to ‘dive deep’ into the waters of the unconscious which often occurs when you are going through therapy being on vacation and forgetting your bathing suit can be a message about the need to stop covering or protecting something the bathing suit can signify your unwillingness to reveal yourself