Dreaming about bathtub

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a bathtub can represent the uterus this is because water represents life and a bath is a vessel that holds water a dark shadow spreading from the plughole can indicate endometriosis
To see a bathtub in your dream symbolizes good health and getting over sickness also see “bath” above
A dream of a bathtub means you will overcome all obstacles in your life if the water in the bathtub is dirty, you will waste much effort if you buy a new bathtub, then you should think about what in your surroundings may interfere with your plans
Bathtub symbolizes that you need to wash away mistakes and guilt. Generally you will be asked by evade the influence of the past, to start a new life.

Meaning for seeing bathtub in your dreams

– To see: announces Cleaning; on, at home or symbolically in their own lives; promises freedom from all annoyances of life; – To see filled with water: domestic promises satisfaction, better days; – Empty: prophesied misfortune and loss of property; hard times; – Broken: Announces family disputes.
– To see: not a good sign for business; – Bathe in it: you can be save if you pay much attention.
– To bathe in it: happiness; – To see: you will have to use a course of treatment.