Dreaming about bean

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to be planting beans is indicative of having faith in the future; looking to plant seeds to grow. if however you are storing beans in the dream, it implies you are saving them; that you have no trust that in your ability to reap.
Superimposed on the dreamer bean stocks, reflected in the fact its possibly present fear of failure or lack of confidence in his persistence. The planting of beans is a sign of its confidence in the future and the desire to create something useful. They are warning against too materialistic thinking (yes, they bring a full belly, which inflates to the outside). Like everything germinating interpreted as a symbol of the female sex organ. Traditionally, the bean is considered to be nutritious and Dressing as well as suitable subject for the barter trade. Beans can be used for sexual needs (testicles symbol) are, especially when they germinate. As another interesting meanings are: – who planted beans, which germinates profit. – Who sees bean sprout in a dream, the smiles of happiness. – Beans show at busch might see that one can not realize his intentions. – Pluck the beans, you can probably soon expect success. – Show cooking the beans is that they will indeed have a problem and must give up something, but ultimately take advantage of it is. – Who prepared that destroys the nucleating effect, so you can not enjoy momentary happiness in the long run. – Eat the beans can announce domestic disputes.
In this context symbolizes the potential of bean. The dreamer has a well-stocked pantry energy, on which he has at any time and for any project access.
A bean can represent immortality and magical power.

Meaning for seeing bean in your dreams

– see bean blooming: modest income; – see growing: problems and illness of your children; – look at the bush: we have plans that can not be realized; – harvest: have little merit; – preparation time: happiness in the business; – green: means strife and mischief; – white: defamation and possibly abuse, especially with neighbors; – dried: disappointment in worldly things; give careful that no contagious diseases are spread by you; – eat: disease, quarrels and disputes, trouble at work or economic deterioration; – seeing children playing with it: expensive times.
Hindu – beans in a drema means that your inhibitions must depart from you; – eat: strive to maintain the peace of your home; – cook: you will suffer a loss, but gain in benefits; – sow: life can make good if both parties stick together; – see growing: you can achieve what you want.
– to sow: luck in the business; – cut: concern for the future; – grow and bloom: your wish will be fulfilled; – cooking: deteriorating economic conditions; – eat or see: announces strife and contention; – break: severe obstacles and overcome.