Dreaming about beast

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to see a beast in your dream signifies foolishness and ignorance you may have acted without understanding in a recent situation
If you dream you see a beast, you will need light to counteract your enemies or competitors if you kill the beast, you will triumph over the rival
To dream about a beast represents imprudence and naivete to see faceless beasts relates to some circumstance that you are failing to fully realize or confront; you are basically indifferent the dream also could mean that some event or person is raising worry and anxiety in you the bible says that a beast is a symbol of honorable men who are undiscerning
To see a beast in your dream, signifies foolishness and ignorance according to the bible, a beast symbolizes men in honour without understanding (psa: 73:22)

Meaning for seeing beast in your dreams

The beast represents the animal side of our shadow, which, as it is not accepted, destructive acts against us. This symbol is the view of the handling of the shoots is directed.