Dreaming about beating

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beating someone in a dream by means of physicality implies we have a need for power and domination over that person.
To dream that you have been beaten shows that you must make some major alterations in how you live your life to dream that someone else has been beaten indicates an imbalance in your existence
Taking a beating, freudians would say, refers to masturbation or sexual longing giving a beating, on the other hand, indicates repressed aggression and resentment toward the other person in the dream
A dream where you are receiving a beating symbolizes grief and humility if you are beating something in a dream then it represents your hunger for power if you are beaten in game, or physically beaten, then it suggests your submission of something

Meaning for seeing beating in your dreams

To dream that you are beaten, indicates that you need to make some fundamental changes to yourself you need to make some conscious adjustments and evaluations to see others being beaten, suggests that some part of your life is out of balance
If you are beating on something in a dream, the message can be about your attempt to break through a type of challenge examine the symbol you are beating for a clue as to whether you are wasting your time (broken) or need to apply more effort (making sound) if it is a drum, it can be a sign that you are not being heard or are not able to express your real feelings an instrument in a dream often relates to sexuality and passion and the drum can portray the heartbeat see attack and being chased and fear