Dreaming about bedroom

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sexual meaning, partnership, intimacy, relationship. has subconscious implications regarding the activities here.
A bedroom, like a bed, symbolizes your reproductive system, sex, rest, meditation and astral activities see bed
Changes in own affairs concealment of family secrets changes in own affairs concealment of family secrets
Changes in own affairs concealment of family secrets
  different parts of a house have totally different meanings to them   dreaming about being in your bedroom represents your secretive side and creative side   your bedroom is a private place that you just don^t disclose to just anybody   do you remember who was in the bedroom with you?  people in your bedroom represents your relationship with that person   what ever events that took place in your dream should be decoded and brought to that persons attention
A strange bedroom, pleasantly furnished, indicates a change for the better; your own bedroom signifies harmony in current affairs

Meaning for seeing bedroom in your dreams

To dream that you see someone’s bedroom, means you will know the secrets of someone to dream of a bedroom, means you will not say nice things about your address dreaming that you sleep in your animal’s home, indicates that you will get an important warning and you should not reject it
To dream about being in a bedroom symbolizes things that you keep from others it also is representative of your carnal desires and romantic dealings
To dream that you are in the bedroom, signifies aspects of your self that you keep private it is also indicative of your sexual nature and intimate relations
The bedroom is associated with the house, which represents your inner architecture as in thoughts and ideas since the bedroom is often a place of intimacy, something occurring in the bedroom or on the bed signifies issues that are very ingrained or habitual, often of a sexual nature this room represents the most intimate side of your nature and can appear when you are moving to become more intimate also see houses and buildings