Dreaming about bees

Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements. For an officer, it brings obedient subjects and healthful environments. To a preacher, many new members and a praying congregation. To business men, increase in trade. To parents, much pleasure from dutiful children. If one stings, loss or injury will bear upon you from a friendly source.
Good luck may be expected after a dream of bees around a hive, or swarming. Even a dream of being stung by bees is a portent of a profitable undertaking.
Seeing bees in your dream is much the same as the beehive with a small variation: bees are a lucky dream and augers much good to the dreamer in all his endeavors, unless, the bees sting the dreamer in which case bad luck may dog your steps for a while.
When you are seeing bees in your dream, symbolizes good luck, harmony, and bliss. Bees are also symbolic of work and industry as represented by the common phrase'sbusy as a bee."

Dreaming that you are stung by a bee, implies unexpected misfortune. You will be surrounded by trouble and severely reprimanded.

Collective activity or working as or within a community, hard working or self sacrificing the bee is not separate from its quest for nectar – in other words the bee is the whole wonderful connection between you, your work, the people you are connected with and the harvest of experience you gather from your life it might also be a pun on being busy, busyness, business, or are you working yourself to death like bees do can be a 'stinger;? a pun on ?be ing,? or beingness, 'to be or not to be. Because bees produce honey there is a suggestion that bees can harvest a sweet and satisfying experience, and implies what you have gathered from your life experience honey if you dream of a bee stinging you it can suggest either that you have been hurt/stung in the past, or you are still reacting to being stung by someone’s hurtful remarks or else that you need to careful of hurting others with your remarks or criticism but some things such as stinging remarks or even relationships tend to get under your skin, as in the following example example: dreamt this morning that a bee found a crack or slit in the skin of my throat (right side of my neck below the ear) and worked its way in, burrowing itself beneath my skin didn’t see the slit, but it must have been there, however microscopically small, because it managed to burrow itself in there it found an opening and worked its way inside the flesh of my neck next thing know either more bees did the same or the bee managed to reproduce itself inside me, because the mass on my neck grew larger like a large tumour inside could feel the movement and buzzing of these live bees inside my neck, beneath the skin had a large lump on my neck, it was a mass of 20 50 bees growing and living there like a cancer that was alive and kicking, taking up residence example: later, in daylight noticed a hornets nest in the side of the house the next door neighbour's son knocks it off and hornets enter the house and stung me angrily show the neighbour and son the huge watery swellings clout the boy for  stirring up the hornets had held my arms above my head and the swelling decreases now, with lowered arms see a bubbling up of skin spread up my arms to chest, then to my entire front have no apparent sexual organs because am covered in a wafer of dead skin my wife looks at me and has no feeling of caring, and does nothing to help she is telephoned by another man see him and her at the same time he says for them to go off together, and gives the impression of how sexually adequate he is, and how inadequate am feel so hurt and angry decide to leave my wife for good idioms : a bee in her bonnet; the bee’s knees; queen bee; honey bee; honey of a bee.
These busy creatures are a forerunner of great good fortune in business matters, even if they stung you. However, if they were dead or listless, or if you killed them, you could suffer a loss by putting too much trust in friends. If you heard the bees buzzing, expect good news.
In a dream, bees represent prosperity, or a dangerous adventure seeing a beehive and extracting honey from it in a dream means earning lawful money taking all the honey from the beehive and leaving nothing for the bees in a dream means being unjust if bees sit over one's head in a dream, it means winning the presidency over people if bees sit in someone's hands in a dream, they mean a good crop for a farmer, while for someone else, they means a fight bees in a dream also represent an army killing bees in a dream means obliterating one's enemy bees in a dream also represent scholars, knowledge compilers, striving hard or collecting taxes bees in a dream also represent a bread winner who is a hard working person, stern and sometime dangerous, though he does bring some benefits to his companions a bee sting in a dream means harm driven by a group ofadversaries bees in a dream also mean taking a beating or falling sick bees in a dream also represent the army of believers, while locusts represent the army of disbelievers a bee in a dream also represents a seer (also see beehive).
  • Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.
  • For an officer, it brings obedient subjects and healthful environments.
  • To a preacher, many new members and a praying congregation.
  • To business men, increase in trade.
  • To parents, much pleasure from dutiful children.
  • If one stings, loss or injury will bear upon you from a friendly source.

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