Dreaming about bestiality zoophilia

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Association with animal passions or instincts.
What are the fundamental aspects of myself, that I am afraid to deny?
When sex with animals occur in dream, then this vision points out primitive instinct or a natural and intuitive way of acting. To see bestiality or to be involved in sexual act with any kind of animal in your dream indicates very animalistic feeling of wanting to have something. This dream also is the symbol of natural state in sexuality.
– To be involved in zoophilia or to see bestiality in dream: is indication of sexual acts that is not comfortable.

Meaning for seeing bestiality zoophilia in your dreams

– If somebody does with a known animal sexual offence, he will prove to an unworthy property, a person who does not know you, can not find a word of recognition, does not get reward from God; the animal is unknown, will subject a powerful enemy, then prove him benefits, but does not find thanks. – Someone attends a wild animal, he will make himself a mighty submissive enemy according to the strength and size of the animal. – The dream methinks him, the animal live in him, he will have a big advantage by an enemy, according to the strength and size of the animal. – Generally well apart from the bestiality: sexual perversity with someone, he will do good to the partners.
– If somebody gets involved with an animal, he will rebel against stupid, lawless and foreign people lean, humiliate and degrade him. – If one operates with a bird, which is part of the edible species, he is get a favor from someone, but at the same time changes to a bad reputation; if the meat of the bird is uneatable and with bent beaks, as for example the eagle and similar birds, he will conclude according to the nature of the bird with high master friendship and pull big use from its wealth.