Dreaming about betrayal traitor

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A traitor in the dream, it means that the dreamer is unconsciously dealing with backstabbing. This can refer to any other person or on its own personality parts, of which the dreamer is disappointed. He feels that his standards are not particularly appreciated by other people.
If the trust of the dreamer is abused in the dream by other people, and thereby he experiences and finds out a disappointment, he is perhaps conscious of the fact that the disappointment took place in connection with the common belief.
At the spiritual level, it is betrayal to deny the own original belief.
– To see a traitor in the dream: enemies are waiting only to use you; – In your dream somebody is called a traitor or you see yourselves so: you will experience little pleasant; – In the dream people commit themselves to be traitors: soon you will suffer a financial or professional damage;also by an imprudence threaten you will be in a difficult situation.

Meaning for seeing betrayal traitor in your dreams

– You are dreaming that you commit: by your own blame you will come to an unpleasant position; your concerns will increase; – In the dream you became a traitor: your concerns decrease; end of all sadness.