Dreaming about betting

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Betting (bet in dream) indicates a risk that can not be calculated accurately. You should carefully consider whether you want to take it, and realize before the possible consequences of failure.
European – Dreaming of betting on sports in general: due to carelessness, you will always have bad luck in result; – To finish betting: you will embark on an uncertain thing; – If you can^t finish betting: you will be discouraged by difficult circumstances; – Bet and win in dream: there is some unsecure thing – Also to bet and to win: you will have again luck on the side; – Dreaming that you bet and lose: you will experience injustice by wicked people in your environment; – Bet for money on races: you should not participate in new businesses; – Also betting for money on horse, dog racing or any other kind of racing (sport): enemies are trying to divert your attention from legitimate business; – Sit at the gaming or gambling table: it means that someone want to steal all your money.
Hindu – To win in betting: beware of losses; – To lose bet in dream: you profit is coming up.
Arabian – Enter into betting (begin betting in dream): do not let yourself to run into risky speculation; – To win: you^ll achieve unexpected success; – Also dreaming that you win in betting: you will have luck in love affair, but duration of this affair will be short; – To lose: you will do a big mistake; – Also dreaming that you are loosing in betting: threat of considerable financial losses.