Dreaming about billiard

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Pool symbolizes the constant ups and downs in life, the change of joy and sorrow, success and misfortune. One may consider this as a warning not to rely too much on luck, but try harder to make life independently to cope well. If you are a good billiard player dreams to use this skill in this field, probably as a symbol of the fate that is needed in another area of ??life. The interpretation of dreams depends greatly on how successful you were in a dream. Holes were punched in the balls successfully?
Billiards is a game that requires much skill by the players. In the dream it means focusing on a difficult problem or a whole series of problems. Should you approach these problems in a certain way? Maybe someone tried to prevent the problem or solution to thwart?
– Play: is a bad sign. You^ll come into a situation in question, disputes over property, damage to your slanders will creep into the work; – See: varying fortune; – For young people this means that major obstacles in the courtship (by the family of the partner); – See a pool table and stylish Balls: fraudulent friends betray you.
Hindu .

Meaning for seeing billiard in your dreams

– to see billiard table in a dream: do not act in haste, you try to find things with dubious success; Also one should beware of empty promises; – play: you are neglecting your duty.